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easiest anime character to cosplay

Easiest anime characters to cosplay at Animecon the hub where all the anime characters is cosplayed under one roof. It is an event which is hosted in support of the anime industry, focusing on anime, manga and Japanese culture. A multi-day lone event of cosplay, contests, anime related music, video games, and many other activities.

In USA, UK, Asia, Japan and Australia, these events keep happening every year. From theme based Animecon in Japan to animation industry showcasing in the UK, every country hosts these events every year in its own unique way. Last year also had seen a booming event as far as Animecon is concerned showcasing all the famous Anime characters. The popular Anime characters of 2016 Animecon are:

  • Goku:

The main lead of the famous Anime show of Dragon Ball Z, the male Saiyan . He is a cheerful yet a person who lacks wisdom. In the series, he was earlier sent to destroy Earth, however with time he grows towards becoming Earths greatest defender and leader of the Dragon Team. He is the greatest warrior of the team with strength, to defend the Universe.


The major appearance differentiator is the spiky black hair. In the series, he wears orange/red/golden gi over a dark blue short-sleeved undershirt and his hand wears the dark blue wristbands along with dark blue boots of the yellow border and red laces.

  • Vegeta:

Vegeta is the prince of the fallen Saiyan who is an egoistic and proud character. He was once a ruthless and cold-blooded warrior but later part of the story he joins the Z force to be a defender of Earth.


The character also has spiky hair with dark blue eyes. He wears a sleeveless jumpsuit and his costume keeps varying with the progression of the story. But the differentiator is the white gloves and white boots which are persistent along with his Saiyan armor.

  • Naruto:

The main lead of the Naruto series, a cheerful and energetic character. He is the main protagonist of the show who eventually becomes the leader of the villagers and protects the world. He is also known as the Hero of the hidden leaf.


Has spiky hair and blue eyes as far appearance is concerned. For clothes, he wears an orange blue jacket which has a white collar, red Uzumaki crest on the back and blue colored forehead protector as a symbol of pride.

  • Whis:

Another character of the show Dragon Ball Z, who is the angelic attendant of Universe 7s God of destruction Beerus and is destined to serve his deity.


Tall humanoid with pale blue skin, white hair, and blue eyes. He wears a maroon robe with a large blue ring around his neck and a black cuirass with white and orange diamond carnations along with a blue sash.


  • D. Luffy:

Monkey.D. Luffy is the lead character in the Magna and anime called One Piece. His character is that of a pirate and lives with a lifelong dream of finding legendary treasure and become the pirate king. His power includes that his body has properties of rubber.


His distinguishing appearance is he wearing a red buttonless shirt with a strawed hat and a yellow steal and a blue half pant. Though his look went into transition before and after the time skip in the story of the show

  • Usagi Tsukinos:

  Usagi Tsukinos is the main lead of the Anime series called Sailor Moon who is depicted as a carefree and immature whiner, yet with love and compassion for others. Although later part of she embraces her superpower and becomes the Sailor moon otherwise called the Soldier of Love and Justice. With her power, she fights evil and protects her loved ones.


Her distinguishing look includes a white bodysuit with a blue collar, white shoulder pads, a blue skirt and red bows on the chest and back. She also wears red high boots and red bordered white gloves. Her accessories include a golden tiara having a red gem in the middle. A moon shaped golden earring, red-colored hairpiece, neck piece with a golden half-moon on it. There is a moon-shaped brooch on the bow on her chest.


  • Edward Eric:

The main lead of the series called Full alchemist who is the youngest State Alchemist. Visually he has lost his right arm and left leg due to the failed attempt of Human Transmutation. His character in the show is involved in search of the Philosophers stone which can restore his lost younger brother whose body was lost in Human Transmutation.


His appearance was thin built with a horizontal scar above his right eye and wears his blond hair as to leave a single strand of hair standing as an antenna. As far clothes are concerned, he wears a red color hooded coat with long sleeve and on its back is the inscribed symbol of Flamel to signify his time under his master i.e. Alchemist Izumi Curtis.


Choose the above characters for your next Animecon coming in your nearest theatre of your city!!







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