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Hawaii Luau Theme Party

Hawaiian attire ideas

Hawaiian attire ideas – You may end up heading to a terrace luau party. Themed gatherings regularly propose that visitors dress likewise to further play up the subject and make everybody feel included in the celebrations. Plan for your next luau-themed gathering by picking the ideal ensemble to make you feel sure and set the tone for entertainment only.

Hawaiian print attire is a well-known decision is not difficult to assemble. Men can wear a Hawaiian print shirt or board shorts. Ladies may pick a Hawaiian print dress, skirt or top. Kids can wear Hawaiian print shirts, shorts or rompers.


Puka shells are a typical extra. Put on an accessory of Puka shells or make a Puka shell cut to wear in your hair. Bring a lei. You can wear these the conventional path around your neck or utilize the lei as a crown, wrapped in a wrist trinket or even an anklet. Plastic, silk bloom, and true lies are all worthy.

Hula Costume

Spruce up like a hula young lady. Wear a grass skirt matched with a coconut shell two-piece top and bloom in your hair. Keep in mind to wear something under your grass skirt. On the off chance that coconut shells aren’t your thing or don’t appear to work for you, put on a swimsuit beat.


Straw caps and visors are regular luau headwear, particularly for men who normally don’t wear blossoms behind their ears. On the off chance that the gathering is outside throughout the day, sunglasses may be an alternate staple that organizes with the luau sunny shore gathering topic.


Throughout wartime, mariners were regular in tropical ports of call. Spruce up in a white mariner’s outfit for a comedic turn on conventional luau clothing.


Shoes, flip-slumps and exposed feet are all conventional luau footwear. Stay away from excessively clunky shoes and anything with a shut toe. Let those feet turn out and get some air.




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