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How to sew Cosplay Costume at home:

Spiderman Costume

Spiderman is one of the famous movie characters. Those who watch the movie love the costume more because it is a unique design which looks original. So, I decided to teach you the step by step how to sew Spiderman costume at home. If your kid wants to play a role of Spiderman you can easily make the costume at home by reading this article thoroughly. If you want an original costume from the movies then you are at the right place to learn it.


How to sew Spiderman costume?

You will need these things while making the Spiderman costume

  • First of all, buy a costume from a costume shop if any alteration needed you can make it tight by sewing it.
  • Find a window mesh
  • Buy white acrylic paint or a spray paint to paint the mesh. It will be painted in a way you can easily see anything.
  • Buy the lenses of Spiderman from a shop or go to shapeways.com or any other known website. You will get the required lenses from there easily. Attach the mesh to the lenses by using glue.
  • Buy black puffy paint to highlight the design of web on the chest area and the mask. Get extra paint if it may be required later. Lay the costume on a surface so that the web designs are easily drawn. Also, make it on one side of the mask then put it for 2 hours on a side to dry.
  • Buy a pair of jogger type shoes cut the sole from it and pant them to match with the costume. Then attach the sole to the foot area of costume.
  • The costume should be stitched so it must be tight on the body because loose costume will not suit and even does not look like the real Spiderman.
  • For web shooter, you can make it from aluminum foil, straw and online template that can be folded.


How to make Doctor Octopus costume?

When Doc Octopus took over Peter’s body, he created a new costume with red and black. Here you can learn how to sew that costume at home

  • Get a red morph suit from a shop to get started if any alteration needed make it tight yourself by sewing it.
  • Buy black fabric paint, put the Morph suit on a side and examine where to paint it.
  • First of all, cut the eye area so that it looks like the same costume in the movie.
  • You can buy sunglasses for Spiderman from Amazon or other known websites, it depends on you. The glasses must resemble the one from the movie. That is different so you need to watch first before buying. Separate the lenses and frame so that you get the lenses for the mask. You can also buy separate lenses from shapeways.com. Attach the lenses on the mask by using glue.
  • Buy some aqua shoes from a shop or you can get them online and cut them so that you get the sole
  • Attach the sole to the feet of costume by using glue
  • For the web shooters. Make a small hole in the wrist of glove for the nozzle to come out
  • Your costume is ready to wear


How to sew black suit Spiderman?

  • Buy a shiny black morph suit from a shop which looks like a leather if it needs alteration you can make it later by yourself.
  • Buy spider man lenses you can also buy sunglasses for Spiderman costume from Amazon. Separate the lenses and frame so that you get the lenses for the mask. You can also buy the separate lenses from shapways.com if you don’t want to buy full glasses. I will recommend buying them from McFarlane style lenses.
  • Attach the lenses on the mask by using fabric glue.
  • A white puffy paint to design the spider print on the chest area and back area. Start designing the spider on the front and then back of the costume with the puffy paint. The puffy paint will help to give look like the raised and 3-dimensional.
  • Make eye holes in the mask by cutting them that resembles the black suit Spiderman.
  • Make the costume in a way that it is fit and tight. If the suit is not fit you can make it by stitching it tight.
  • Your costume is ready to wear.



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