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Who is Hela actually_?

Hela is among the villains from the movie. She is the daughter of Loki, who is the queen of the Deads. She is more than an evil. Her weird and unique character makes her costume very popular among Women Cosplay Costume.

She is of complex nature that stands between the ideas of good and bad. Hela has a perfect figure that attracts others that they can’t stop staring at her.

She has a bomb type personality and is a villain. To know about Hela you have to go back into her past history.

Hela first appeared in ‘’ tales of Asgard’’ back up in ‘’journey into mystery’’ in a Kirby and Stanley tale called ‘’ death comes to Thor’’

In the story, Thor; the main character asked the three fates that when he will be able to get the magic hammer Mjolnir? The fates respond him that he will be able if he gets the experience of death.

After this all, he comes to know that storm Giant has kidnapped the one he loves a lot; Sif.

He came in front of the king of giants who showed him that he has exchanged Sif with Hela (Who wore the hot women Cosplay costume; the villain. Thor, ask the soul of Sif with his soul. He said to Hela ‘’I am ready whatever you want to do but set free Sif’’. Hela loves the offer because it was unique and no one gave such an offer before.

When he came back the hammer accepts him because he is worthy to take that as he faced death.

Hela versus  Thor

In the movie, Hela is more powerful than Thor. She is an honorable woman with her own set of rules.

She has the ruling power on magical energies. Her mystic art resembles doctor strange and the ancient one.

She has the power to attack someone and cause his sudden death. Hela is the dangerous character with many ultimate powers. She is the daughter of Loki, her father, and her giantess mother Angrboda. Fenris wolf and Midgard serpent are her siblings. Many girls wish to have Women Cosplay Costume like the one with Hela.

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