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Group Costumes :

Do you have an entire group of friends without whom you cannot live? Are you planning to look alike and wear some dresses and outfits for a party where people can easily understand your bonding? Then what are you waiting for? It’s time you try wearing some cool group costumes and outfits.

Group costumes do not only mean that you can only dress up with your friends, this type of outfits can be used by family members too. This is a very smart and sweet way to show the bonding between you and friends/family.

How many friends do you have in your group?  Count the number of a person in the group and choose a theme, make sure you choose a theme in which every person gets to wear different. For example- if you have a group of four, don’t choose something like rock paper and scissors, because two of them will have to wear the same costume. And keep a heed that wearing the costumes of the opposite gender is fun at times!

Group Costume for kids

Girls have thousands of options, all you need is to look for one and hit it right. You can be anything you want dolls, princess or even go for something really sexy and burn the night.  Try wearing the costumes of drinks like one can wear the costumes of Coca-Cola and the other Pepsi and so on, there are many verities of drinks, which makes it easier to choose and everyone can look different in the same group. You can try being the Greek goddesses too, it will look absolutely beautiful, and there are many options for Greek goddesses too, it will be fun and every one of you will look extremely gorgeous. Or you can choose to be the sexiest belly dancers, God! They are hot and the costumes are extremely sexy.

Boys Costume

Like girls, boys too have many options for dressing up in a group. You can be the army group, or you can try wearing some cartoon character costumes. You can try being the ninja turtles, or even have fun wearing the costumes of an avatar. It’s really easy and fun to choose costumes for you, and the same advice for you choose a theme where everyone gets to wear a different character.

Some groups have both girls and boys having a very strong bond. If you have a group like that, trust me you have everything!! You people can be the Disney prince and princesses; it is one of the most wanted themes right now in trend. The girls in the group can look amazing and absolutely stunning by wearing those excellent dresses and guys can be their prince charming. You never know when a theme group costume can actually get you near to the person you want.

Some costumes go best for both boys and girls, such as the cartoon character for example ninja turtles. The girls can blow up mind wearing sexy outfits, and guys would look heroic in this costume. Another costume which would go with both boys and girls is the crayons. There are different types of colors and so you won’t even have to worry about anybody matching with others.


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