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Sexy Halloween Ideas for women – Pop Stars

Sexy Halloween Ideas

Did you know that, in a cosplay or a Halloween party, you can also dress up as a celebrity? You can dress as an actor in his popular role, a drama actor or even a singer. Speaking of singers, signature getups of famous pop stars are a great choice for a cosplay event. There are many pop stars that you can follow, like Madonna, Cher, Britney Spears, Joan Jett and Amy Winehouse. Remember that these costumes will come under the category of Adult costumes for Halloween parties and other themed parties; meaning that this will shed some real deal of sexiness. The best part is that you can buy pop star dresses very easily and conveniently from any thrift shop. Thrift shops are always teaming with satisfactory funky clothes. Here goes the Sexy Halloween Ideas for women – Pop Stars


Although Madonna has changed her looks several times or these active years of her singing career, yet almost all of them would make up a great sexy adult costume. However, the younger she had been, the funkier her getup would be. This is why I would suggest choosing her looks of the times when she was rather young. This takes us back in time near the 80s. The typical getup of Madonna from the 80s suggests heavy jewelry, a bright blonde wig of curly hair. The hair needs not be very long; shoulder’s length will also do. After this, the large black headband comes which had been a popular fashion of the 80s. Next thing you need will be an extremely busty and sexy lingerie type top.

You will also need a lot of cross necklaces, made of beads or stones, bracelets and bangles and chandelier-like earrings. To go with the lingerie-like top, a black miniskirt is a very good choice. If you want to use leggings, you can. But, you know, the more exposed your body is, the sexier you are. Give Madonna a bit of a tough attitude by using fingerless black leather gloves, black high heeled stilettos, and a tightly fitted black leather jacket.

Sexiest Pop Star

Not everything in this getup is strictly mandatory. You can skip some things; you can make changes to some things and can even add something to this outfit. For example, you can skip the jacket; you can replace the curly hair wig with a blonde ponytail wig or you can add leggings. Minor changes will not matter as long as you make sure that you stay wild. Give a lot of attention to the importance of makeup. Use bright red lipstick and highly detailed eye makeup, with dense mascara lining. A Madonna costume is one of the sexiest pop star costumes for an adult cosplay event.

Britney Spears:

Britney, too, is a very sexy and popular pop star. To some extent, we can say that, as long as it is about the wardrobe, Britney was followed the dressing approach of Madonna. She, too, has many looks but I cannot get her outfit on ‘I’m a Slave 4 U Awards show’. To get that look, get a green bikini, tightly fitted blue colored swimsuit shorts, a multicolored belly chain, sheers scarves of green and purple colors, stick-on body jewels for decorating the exposed parts of the body, and very high heeled stilettos of brown color. You can add more scarves of more colors of the same color group. Curl your hair into layers, get creative with the body jewels and spend a lot of time and dedication on the makeup to finalize this sexy pop star costume.


Cher cannot be overlooked when talking about sexy and wild pop stars. Cher was even more popular before Lady Gaga came into the music industry. Cher, during her era of fame, had set some really good fashion standards. Cher was a lover of the color black; her hair is black too. So we are talking about black bikini top, black high heeled stilettos, black leather jacket (with a biker look, having chrome studs and rhinestones), black tight pants and a suiting wig or black wavy hair. As for the makeup, draw a dense eye lining with mascara and give those eyes a dark eyeshade too. And please, leave that leather jacket unzipped. This is what you call a Dark Side of Extreme Sexiness.

Joan Jett:

Joan Jett is a hardcore pop star. A tough looking outfit along with a tough attitude will complete your desire to impersonate Joan Jett. Perhaps a unique feature of Joan Jett is her cool hairdo; Mullet. So, whatever you skip, just don’t skip the black colored Mullet style hair wig.  Apart from the wig, you will require skinny black jeans or leather trousers, a t-shirt (preferably in either black or white), sneakers or any dark color, and in makeup, dense black eyeliner and a cherry red lipstick. Joan Jett likes to wear edgy, sparkly and loud clothes. Joan Jett outfit is ideal for those who are a bit hesitant in exposing their body, yet they still want to look sexy during the Halloween or cosplay events. The wardrobe items needed for this Halloween costume are readily available at many thrift shops.

Amy Winehouse:

At first thought, one might not take Amy Winehouse as ‘sexy’, but many of her look has been really neat and sexy. Another important thing is that, as of 2011, the great lady is no longer with us; she is dead. So for the Amy Fans out there, here is your chance to pay a tribute to your pop legend. For the hair part, get a hair wig or long black hair and large bumpits, which will aid in creating her signature hairstyle. Amy has a signature Eyeliner look; the masquerade typestyle. Coming towards the garments; wear a white tank top, tiny and tight shorts or tight jeans with a wide female belt. The kind of makeup Amy used to do are ideal for a Halloween party just as. Normal heeled shoes of any bright color can be used.

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