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Do It Yourself – Thor’s Costume

Thor's Costume

Do It Yourself – Thor’s Costume

Step 1 – Get Your Ideas Together
We need to make this outfit as close to the real Thor’s costume  as possible. And for that, we will need to focus on every aspect of this costume. So, get your ideas together and try to design the costume as close to the real one as possible.

Step 2 – Plan Everything Out
This is crucial. If you don’t plan it out, things might get messy, and you might also end up spending more money on it.
Head: A Winged Helmet (you will need to make one)
Shoulders: Red Cape (you must have this)
If you don’t have red cape’s, you can either find some red fabric in your house and make one. If you cannot find one, you will then have to visit the fabric store to get one.

Top: Silver undershirt with dark slipover, or a simple silver shirt (if you already have, that’s good. If you don’t, then you will probably have to purchase one)
Vest: Fur Vest (You can either purchase these or find if you already have)
Cinch: Silver sash (you can make one)

Bottom: Black shorts along with silver tights (you might already have these)
Shoes: Furry Boots
Props: Hammer (you will probably have to make one)

Step 3 – Time To Do Some Work
The Headdress
You will first need to make the parts out of a cardboard, and then stick them to a cap. When I started making it, I started with the headband outline rather than the full protector. This confused me.
You will need:
-A piece of cardboard
-A ballpoint pen
-A knife
-A silver spray paint, and of course
-A headband

The process is really simple. All you have to do, is draw the outline on the piece of cardboard, cut it with your knife, and apply the spray paint. After that, apply the glue to the edge of the headband. The cardboard will be hardened, but you will still be able to bend it. Just make sure that you don’t twist it and break it.

The Hammer

The Hammer
This is one is much easier that you might have thought. It took me 20 minutes to make one (this does not include the dry time).
You will need:
-An empty rectangular tissue box
-A duct tape
-A paper towel roll
-An electric tape
-A hot paste
-A piece of cardboard
-Brown paint
-Electrical tape
-A Styrofoam square

1. Cut the diagonals as they are. This will open the case that will make space for the Styrofoam to fit it. All you have to do, is apply the glue and let it dry. Then fold the folds again.

2. Now paint the paper towel, and wrap the electrical tape on the length of the pole.

3. Create some space across the paper towel so that it can move. Now apply some glue and leave it to dry.

4. Now wrap the pipe tape around the sledge and try to make it as smooth as you can.

5. Make a circle of the pipe tape that is huge enough so that your hand could fit in.

6. Now cut out a loop from the piece of cardboard, and paste it on the top of the sledge.

The Belt and The Clasps
I didn’t click the picture of these. In fact, I taped it on the waist rather than cutting it and wearing it separately. You can see it in the image below.
What you will need:
-A roll of Duct Tape
-A piece of cardboard
-Some Silver spread paint

The process of making these is really simple. All you have to do, is make a cinch out of the tape and try not to make too many folds. Now, you will need to remove the cardboard loops to paint the cinch. Just remember to make two for your shoulders, and 3 for the cinch.

Connecting the cape is pretty simple (it just looks hard, but if you do it, it is really simple). All you have to do, is attach your red fabric to the vest, and then make the circles for your cinch.

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