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Know your Ninjago Ninja characters- Your next Halloween costume!

Ninjago Halloween Costumes Green Ninja

Know your Ninjago Ninja characters – Your next Halloween costume!

Ninjago Halloween Costumes Green Ninja

Ninjago Halloween Costumes Green Ninja

With the recent movie of Lego Ninja Go coming up, great ideas for upcoming Halloween could be contemplated. What better way to dress the part than to first know the part. By knowing the part here I mean know the main Ninja characters. These characters can be the inspiration for a costume for your next be it Halloween or just a cosplay event. How what is this much talked Ninja Go all about? The answer is that it is a line of sets produced by Lego based on the old time Ninja series. The movies, as well as Tv show named Lego Ninja-Go-Masters of Spinjitzu, are the adaptations of this set. From toys to books and graphic novels are also some of its works. Now let’s get a little insight into the main Ninja characters about whom the movie and the shows revolve.

Four main Ninja characters of Lego Ninja go are (Ninjago Halloween Costumes Green Ninja ):


  • Kai- Master of fire:

As the name suggests, Kai is the Ninja, who is the master of fire and elder brother of Nya Ninja. Adhering to the meaning of his name, he is strong and victorious. Even though he was the fourth Ninja to join the team to claim his Golden Weapon yet the first Ninja to be introduced in the show. Despite a strong character but has fear of Christmas related themes. As per to his ninja power he is a hot temperament character.


He wears a red attire with brown, spiky hair and a visible notch on his left eyebrow.

  • d was the second Ninja to find his true potential. He was the first Ninja to learn Spinjitzu and third to summon his elemental dragon and only Ninja to appear in every episode of the show. His distinguishing characteristics was his worrying nature over the plans the other Ninjas make
  • Jay-Master of lighting:

Jay is the current elemental master of lighting appearance:

He wears a blue colored cape kind of attire to represent his power. Has short orange-brown hair and a notch on his right eyebrow.

  • Cole- Master of the earth:

Cole, the elemental master of the earth in current time and was the third among his team to unlock his true potential. He had the fear of dragons until he meets Rocky the ultra dragon. Is a responsible, strong and a disciplined planner as his personal traits. He is the ninja of the Earth in the show.


He has a muscular built and the strongest among all the Ninjas even without his elemental powers. His distinguishing characteristics is his shabby hair with bushy eyebrows and wears a black attire

  • Zane- Master of Ice:

Zane is first of the Ninjas to find his true potential and has the ability of Sixth sense to know things which others could not. He has the fear of living food. After his death, he came back as the Titanium Ninja through Cyrus Brog. He was the most reserved and serious Ninjas of all with strong bonding with their master i.e Master Wu


He was seen in the show with white attire and tall flattop haircut. Also, he has a control panel on his chest with varying switches of Voice, Vision etc.


Which character of your favorite Lego Ninja Go are you dressing up this Halloween?





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