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Dressing Up for Coming Oktoberfest

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Oktoberfest Costumes – Oktoberfest occurs at the end of September and the start of October in Munich. Everyone who is interested in Oktoberfest must take interest to dress up in traditional Bavarian outfits. Dressing in traditional way will show your more interest in the festival ad for you everything will seem fun and you will feel like the real citizen and not the tourist. German-speaking takes more interest in the festival about 85 percent of them take part in it. If you want to dress perfectly that will surprise and attract people there and get interested to interact. Here I will give some tips for dressing up for coming Oktoberfest. About 90 percent of the visitors are dressed up for Oktoberfest in Munich. I will give the suggestion for both men and women’s outfit for this Oktoberfest.

As there is fast variation in the trend of clothing the Oktoberfest changes very quickly from traditional to modern. Women want to add more things according to the latest fashion. Below are the tips and ideas for women. The dress about which I am going to explain is Bavarian Dirndl dress


Women’s outfit:

Bavarian dirndl dress;

The dress is usually very tight with an apron tied around it having a dirndl blouse whose color is white. The louse has a cut for much cleavage you want to sow, It depends on you!!

Dirndl bows:

The apron is tied with a bow on the front side. The position of the bow has different meanings. If you tie the bow on the left side it means you are single, the right side means you are taken, and the middle side means you are a virgin. It all depends on you.

The wedding rings are worn on the right hand in Germany, so the bow is the best option.

Dress length:

The best length of dirndl dress is below the knees. You will get the shorter dress from Halloween costume. It totally depends on you whether you like short or long dress but the one below the knees is best


Prefer flat or the Mary Jane style footwear as there is the risk of the glasses broken there inside the Oktoberfest tents. The benefit of marrying Jane’s is because of its rubber soles and cleared heels and toes that make noise while dancing.

Female lederhosen:

The female lederhosen is more common. Their high cut sued looks sexy having suspenders. There may be little issue of sizing. So it’s better to check the size before buying.

Weisen Glupperl:

The Weisen Glupperl is a wooden clothespin decorated with some Oktoberfest flair. It can be worn by men and women. It can be used to put fake names or dirty words instead of real names.


Men’s outfit:

Men’s outfit consist of button up shirt, you have the option to choose white or checkered, le lederhosen shorts with suspenders, an alpine hat with sturdy Bavarian shoes.

Lederhosen with sizing:

You can choose lederhosen, platter hosen or bund hosen; all are the types of pants. There are other types too; you can get them from Halloween costume store at cheap prices.

Traditional hat:

You can choose wool or Bavarian hats that has ostrich feather o the side. Traditional hats are best to choose.


Bavarian trachten shirts are most common among men. They usually come in red or blue but white and blue are official of Bavaria so you should go with them.


Suspenders are necessary for lust for the look if the pants fit to stay on their own.

Shoes and socks:

Haferl Schuh shoes are usually worn by men which is the traditional pick. It is the best choice for men.

Vest and Jackets:

Prien is the best choice from vest which is used instead of suspenders. You can pick any nice jacket to have a decent look.





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