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10 Reasons to Cosplay


Entertainment Cosplay! The new way to party. In Japanese terms, Cosplay is the practice of dressing up to play characters from film or book or Japanese manga and anime. Recent times has seen a sudden boom in this form of role-playing and has made its way as an integral part of any comic/anime convention. It is not limited to conventions, rather has become the next theme of every party or event.  The amazing way to engage with people, be creative and yet have some fun, is what Cosplay is all about. Never done it! Still dismissing it as kids play? Below are some reasons to make you re-think and make a run for your Cosplay costume to your next event/convention.

Ten reasons why you must Cosplay once in your lifetime are:

  • Entertainment:

Going to a movie, watching a play, visit a concert etc are the conventional ways of entertaining oneself. With the changing times and the introduction of Cosplay, it can be the next way of being entertained. What better way of amusement, than to pick up a character, dress up and hit the party for some role-playing. Cosplay can be the best way to have fun whilst being your favorite animated character.

  • Socialize:

Now with rising virtual world, social media are the new way of socializing. However if looking to break the tradition and look beyond the computer screen, Cosplay is the way you can always keep new people and make friends. A cosplay event or convention is always the best possible way to develop new connections and has some fun. Shifted to a new town and have no clue where to begin, no worries! Pick up your costume and head to your nearest Cosplay convention happening to make some friends.

  • Test your creative skills:

Since cosplay is all about dressing up the part, your creative side can be put to best of use. Sew up your costume to use your innovative and fashion savvy skills. Also attending cosplay events, you will come across varied of fashion savvy costumes, just seeing it is a delightful experience in itself. Bring out your creative side for your next Cosplay costume contest in the nearest convention.

  • Live your imagination:

Your movie or animation character, drawings, dreams, characters from books etc all can come alive through Cosplay. You get the opportunity to dress your fantasizing character to meet people and have some fun. For one day you can be your favorite character through Cosplay


  • Acts as a stress remedy

Life can become mundane at times with work and life balance in our living. Cosplay can be the route to escape from the regular life. It acts as the perfect stress buster to dress up your favorite character.

  • Celebrity treatment:

Since Cosplay is all about dressing up and living the character, this could be the way to live like your favorite character for the day. Not only will you live up the character but be treated as a celebrity for your dress up.

  • Help battle your inner fear:

You are an introvert! Scared to socialize in social gatherings or worried what others may think, what better way to over your inner fears then playing the dress up. By living up the part your dressed up can boost your confidence to make new friends and live worry-free. Cosplay definitely is the key to overcome anxiety by being under the cloak.













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