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The DIY Captain America Costume

DIY Captain America Costume

The DIY Captain America Costume

Captain America is one of the most favorite superheroes of people nowadays. Whether it is an adult or a child, he is being favored by everyone. And what better idea it could be than designing your own DIY Captain America costume.
Now there are various ways that you can make yourself one, but there is only one way to design the most realistic costume. Sure, there may be people that would tell you that you can easily purchase one of these from the thrift store, but make a costume and do all the hard work, is what makes it feel like we own it. So without any further due, let’s get to it.

Step 1 of 3: Making The Jump Suit

If this is made perfect, everything else will be perfect, because this is the base of your costume. All you need is a white shirt that has full sleeves. This is the shirt that will be inside of everything that you will be wearing on. Just make sure that this shirt is not either too tight or too loose. It should be fit, and something that you enjoy wearing.

Step 2:

Spray paint the soccer region of your shirt with blue color, because it will be the highlight of the whole costume. Also, this is the region which would ensure the correct length of how much fill the shirt with that blue color, giving it the look of a reinforcement officer.

Just make sure that you are using the best, and the correct shade of blue. It should be a shower paint, and not something very dark or dim. To evaluate the shade of your color, you will need to paint your shirt, and let it dry. If it turns out to be something that you didn’t want, then you can wash it off, or unfold it and paint it again.

The shirt that you will be painting with blue, should not be detached enough that it would be flapping around in the breeze. Also, it should not be attached enough that it looks like you have pasted it on your white shirt. Now cut the bottom of your blue shirt from the mid-section, and paste it with cloth paste or cloth tape. Just to remind you that the ab area of Captain America consists of the red and white colors. And that is the reason why you will need your white shirt in that area.

Step 3:

Now cut out some red strips off your shirts that would be cheap or just lying around your house. Remember that you only need 3-5 red strips. If you have a larger abdomen, then you might need more strips. Now all you have to do is paste these strips on the separated part that you trimmed between the blue and white shirt. Also, make sure that all your strips have equal distance between them. Ideally, there should be anywhere 5cm distance between each strip.

Step 4:

While sticking these strips, make sure that a very small part of each strip starts from the very bottom of the white shirt, and ends on the very bottom of the trimmed area of the blue shirt. If you are not using any type of glue, then you should be sewing it with a red thread.

Step 5:

The next thing is to create a star that is on the chest of Captain America. You can make this star from any cloth, just make sure that it is white in color. Also, make sure that it is at least 15cm tall and wide. You can adjust the side of this star according to your chest, but the ideal size is 15cm.

Once you get hold of that star, or that you have made that star. All you have to do, is to stick, paste, or sew it on your blue shirt.

Step 6:

The next thing you need to find is blue jeans. Make sure that the jeans are the same color as your blue shirt, because if not, then your costume might not look great. You can use a variety of different things in this area, such as soccer pants or just heat up tight pants. Tight pants are advised because that’s what Captain America wore in the movie.

Step 7:

A cinch around your waist would be great to conceal the band of your jeans. If you are not able to find a cinch, then it is completely okay to wear a dark white sash around your waist, it will look the same as a cinch. Also, if you are able to have a cinch, then make sure that it has weird pockets to make yourself look more like a reinforcer because that’s what you are trying to look in this costume.

Step 8:

Any normal cap can do the trick for you, but if you are really serious about your costume, then you can use an armed forces cap because that is the best-looking one. Just make sure that the cap too, is blue colored.

Step 9:

Add a veil through which you can see, in other words, a watch veil. Notice how Captain America’s eyes are covered with blue veil through which he can see, that’s what we are trying to create here. Make sure that the veil to has the same shade of blue as your cap. Also, this veil can be made of any fabric or cloth.

Step 10:

There is an ‘A’ on the cap of Captain America. You can attach this alphabet by making it with a white tap or you can cut it out of a cloth and then stick it. If you are going to cloth route, then you may have to sew it with white thread.

Step 11:

Get hold of some red gloves. These gloves can either be elastic or just any kind of gloves. The only thing that you need to make sure, is that it is red in color. Also, make sure that the length of the gloves falls into your arms and your elbow.

Step 12:

Tall boots is what Captain America wore in the movie. Also, notice that those boots are also red in color. So, make sure that you are able to find those. In case you are not able to find tall boots in red color, then you can wear red socks that are knee high, this will fill up the empty look of that area.

Step 13:

The shield of Captain America is the main highlight of his costume. To make one, you never have to own titanium. All you need is a spherical saucer, or you can just have a spherical junk of metal. This will do the thing.

Step 14:

Make sure that you are able to paint that shield in the same manner as the original one. You will have to get hold of a picture of that shield. Alternatively, you can hire a cheap painter to make this a perfect design for you, because this will be the ultimate highlight of your costume. If you can get this perfect, no one will be noticing that you wore knee-high socks.

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