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The Terrorising Villian

The Terrorising Villian

There is always someone in the world that is considered as horrifying who creates fear in the minds of other people. Different topics such as bias, misuses of different things, etc. are the things that come to our minds after hearing of these people.
Here are some of the Terrorising Villian people that have left fear and changed the way we now think about our society.

1 – The Lady In Black:

Josh Lambert was the person who had been noticing that there was a lady dressed in a dark wedding dress following him since his childhood. He never knew who that lady was, but when he gets to meet her, he now finds his lost childhood on the other side. Now that Josh was searching for his lost childhood, but in reality the dark lady had him, the whole Lambert Crew was threatened.

2 – Jack Torrance (The Shining):

Jack was a person who was in dire need of a job, and he accepts one as a guardian of an inn that was closed during the winter. There were already rumors of the spirits that were unsettled, and that it was true. Soon Jack loses his soundness and accepts to fulfill the evil wishes of the phantom.

3 – Vindictive Sould (Ju-on):

A married man finds out that this wife was having an affair with someone else, and after confirming that, he slaughters his wife and his child. Now that the man got rid of his wife and child, he continues to stay in the same place where he killed them. But when someone else interacts with that surrounding, they start seeing a sad woman and a child who was killed.

4 – Pazuzu (The Exorcist):

In 1971 when a 12-year-old girl moves into a new home with her parents, she turns into something else. She starts developing a weird skin disease that then spread to other body parts that makes her look completely different. Soon everyone else realizes that this is because of an evil spirit that is residing in this 12-year-old girls body.

5 – Damein Thorn (The Omen):

Damien is a guy who is considered as a human of Satan. But when his guardians decide to take him home from a healing facility, things start to get weird and bad. Their tutor commits suicide, and that his guardians newborn baby pushes the mother out of the gallery while riding his tricycle.

6 – Chucky (Child’s Play):

There have been numerous films in which a doll with possessed powers is featured. This is one of them. A doll with red hair and blue in color is considered to be possessed with the spirit of an evil man that goes on a slaughtering spree without having to be punished because he is doing all these things in the form of a doll.

7 – Bathsheba (The Conjuring):

A family that is known by the name Perrons move into a new house that is beside the fields find out that the previous tenant of that house was a lady (who was a witch). She killed her child and committed suicide after that, but now they both continue to live in the same house. The witch now makes arrangements to make sure that the new family is damaged and that starts with the mother.

8 – Pennywise, The Dancing Clown:

This film is an old one, and no one remembers the exact scenes of it other than a comedian who preys on kids and exploits them. This comedian who is known as Pennywise gives treats to children and then kidnaps them.

9 – Sadako Yamamura (Ringu):

This is a Japanese movie in which anyone who watches a reviled movie will be dead in a week. No one had the chance to discover what is the exact story behind that, but anyone who watches it is found dead after a week.

10 – Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare On Elm Street):

This one made the audience have really bad dreams. The plot is that a group of friends think that it would be absolutely impossible to have something to unplug other than going for a weekend on the Elm Street. This is the street where a man in a striped sweater, with a sharp blade, turns up to them and attracts them with his rhymes.

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