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Face Painting – Cosmetic transformation of your look

Face painting is one of the most fun things to do. Whether you are doing this on your child, or for yourself, this alone can completely transform your look into something else. Most people might say that you will need to purchase some specific types of face paints, but you can do this with your cosmetics too. And who says that these face paints aren’t some types of cosmetics themselves? So, without any further due, here are some fun thoughts that you will help you transform your look and have fun with it.

The Superhero Face Painting

The best thing about face paints is that you can take it off instantly if you find yourself in a guilty situation. This is a green colored face paint, and your eyebrows are cushion implemented. The green color is sketched out with a paintbrush. Another great thing about it is that it won’t clear out in a flight.

The Comedian Face Painting

The Comedian Face Paint is the funniest to make and is the most effective one. With a white wipe that is attached to your face paint, it makes your eyes bigger that are additionally sketched with a paintbrush. The green highlighter lines are also attached to it. This face transformation is completed with a huge red mouth and white dimples on either side of your face. To make yourself look more immersed, you can have green hair and a neck-tie.

The Witch Face Painting

A witch is always scary, so try to make yourself look as scary as possible with the things that are available to you. Starting with a green base that is connected to a white wipe. You can start drawing grisly lines that are dark, and then start highlighting them white with your paintbrush or a cosmetic stay. Make your cheeks look green with white highlights and eyes with dark lines. Don’t forget to make the eyebrows dark.

The Pixie Face Painting

Pixie’s are always charming, and you should try your best to make yourself look like one. Start by outlining the eyes with the help of a cosmetic stick. Pink is always attractive, so you can start with that. Outline with pink around your eyes, and sanctuaries. Now start painting the cheeks with a cushion implement, and use white lines, and blue squiggles, again with the help of a cosmetic stick. There is nothing better than adding on to the look with the help of a wand that is studded with gems, a net skirt, and wings to become a real Pixie.

The Lion Face Painting

You cannot actually transform your face into a lion, but you can attempt to do so, and you will be impressed by how many similarities you are able to create with these cosmetics. All you have to do is apply some yellow face paint, and start drawing lines around your eyes with the help of a cushion utensil. Lions have hair on their face, paint some white hair under the mouth, and try to make it dark enough so that it is easily visible. Paint the nose dark, and make sure that you add a shade of red to make it look more realistic. Also, the stubbles will make it look even more real.

The Pirate Face Painting

This is probably one of the easiest face paints to you use, and you will have a great, immersed look at it. All you have to do, is make some bushy brows, have a few strokes of black paint will get your work half done. Once you are done with that, remember to create eye shadows with your finger, and a mustache that you can draw with your eye makeup.

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