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So are you thinking of joining cosplay too ?

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Many people out their love cosplay ideas. The term cosplay is just short, in Japanese, for ‘costume play’. In a cosplay, participants put on costumes of different characters, heroes and perhaps those from anime too. These can be from cartoons, animated movies, comics, fictional stories, and video games and, at times, even from live shows. Some of the popular cosplay roles seen in Japan are J-rock and J-pop i.e. Japanese Rock and Japanese Pop artists. So are you thinking of joining cosplay too?

Anime and Comic

In Japan, cosplays are so much in that a lot of anime and comic firms sponsor and arrange special cosplay events for the fans of their products. There is absolutely no solid reason for doing cosplays, other than that they are solely for the sake of fun and enjoyment. At the cosplay events, the participants focus in boasting of the level of detail in their costumes based on their favorite characters or heroes. Plus, they also compare their costumes with that of other attendees. There are viewers at these cosplay events too. They enjoy watching them and take snaps. Cosplays are fun but, at times, can be quite weird too.

Costume Play

So, are you thinking of joining a cosplay too? Well, you will need a cool costume for that. Now if you are attending a cosplay for the first time, you will surely have a bit of trouble selecting a costume for yourself. First off, you will have to investigate and find out the theme of the cosplay event you are going to take part in. It can be Manga, Anime, or both. The theme can also be any one of fiction or fantasy. Once you have found out the tentative theme for the cosplay event, it is now way easier for you to filter your search for your costume to be. But more importantly, in this way, you will parry any chances of embarrassment. Like, it will be quite awkward and embarrassing if you dress up like an angel and attend a cosplay of theme ‘Lord of the Rings’.

Now back to the other important part, choosing your costume. First, ask yourself if, from your childhood, you had been wishing to impersonate any character you liked, or maybe a personal fictional hero. Then confirm if that character goes with the theme, or at least adjusts with the tentative theme. You can always take help from the internet. Once you are satisfied with this, you can move further to strengthen your decision. Now, if your chosen character or hero has more than one getup, you are suggested to choose the getup which your character is seen wearing the most. Because being instantly recognized of the character you are trying to impersonate is also one of the important features of your costume.

Buy or DIY ?

The next question that might be arising on your mind must be, whether you should buy or make your own costume. Well, this completely depends upon the level of your skills with thread and needles. Nothing can be better than designing every inch of your costume all by yourself. The praise you will get on your costume, made by your hands, will surely be precious.

Unluckily, not all of us are gifted of being able to work with thread and needles. In such a case, you can either refer to a dressmaker to tailor your costume for you. You can give him a high-quality photo or an elaborate sketch for the sake of reference. Another option is to go buy one. But, that might be tiring, as you will need to search several shops until you find the one you wanted. One more way of getting through this is to put together different bits and pieces of cloth etc. Certain costumes are easy to arrange. Like, a normal school uniform can be used schoolgirl uniform costume after some easy tweaks. The only con of this method is that you might not come up with a costume as detailed or fine-tailored as a readymade bought cosplay costume.

So once your costume is finalized and made, this is not it. The costume is not the only item you need. Apart from this, one may need auxiliary things like makeup cosmetics, suiting shoes and perhaps a wig too.

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