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Michael Myers Costume


Halloween is a time for many to be scary and for many to be not, but this time of year you will see a lot of scary costumes out there. A lot of these costumes are the ones that many look at and think are cool, but they are also the ones that you would run from. One Halloween costume is labeled around the adults and it is the Michael Myers costume. This costume is actually done differently every year by millions of people, so this is the one that you just have fun with and there is no wrong or right way.


There are a few things that you will need in order to do this costume, but as stated before this costume is one that has no right and wrong way. You can mix and match this any way you want and it will still come out how you want it to look. The items that you can use would require something that you can make easily which is a knife, so cardboard would be a great detailed item and then you can go from there and start the rest of your costume.


When thinking about Michael Myers you will see the mask or face structure. You can actually just get a nice white mask or you can use white face paint in its place. This will make the costume seem more real and believable. The mask is one of the main pieces of the costume, so make sure that you try and get it to your liking. Once you have your mask done you can start on your full costume.


You can actually start by just getting some nice overalls or workers jumpsuit. These are the best costume pieces you can use for the Michael Myers costume. If you do not have these items then you can actually start with a blue or black shirt and some nice old pants. Either way, you will be happy with what you have accomplished when you are done with this costume. You will not need a lot of different things to make this costume, but you can mix and match what you can.


Halloween is a fun and exciting day, so make sure that your costume is something that you love. You can wear this costume as you wish to wear it. You do not have to wear the same costume as in the movie because that would not be fun at all. You can add some more items to your costume and take away items. Remember that this is something for an adult and not for a child under the ages of at least 18. When you start this costume you can really make it into something special and then go from there. Have fun and just make sure that you mix and match a lot of your item together to make a costume that is fun and exciting.



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