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National Costume of Greek

Greek Costume

Greek Costume – Most regions have these signature costumes. By signature costumes, I mean regional costumes (officially called Folk Costumes) that express the identity of people. In other words, we can judge, by the regional costumes, that where one belongs from. Just like so, Greek people also have their regional costumes; they are quite interesting actually. So I thought that you guys might be interested in putting up one of the folk costumes of the Greek for a themed costume party. There are Greek regional costumes for males as well as females. So, Greek costumes are compatible for couples too.


It is a traditional garment resembling a skirt, worn by native males of Southeast European regions. In Greece, a short version of a Fustanella is worn. This particular Greek costume is mostly seen worn mostly by people living near mountainous parts of Greece. It is a pleated white colored skirt and is made of triangular pieces of a fabric called Langolia, sewed with each other diagonally. In a typical Fustanella, the number of pleats is exactly 400. This number indicates those 400 years during which the Greeks were ruled by the Ottomans. Today, this costume is worn only by presidential guards called Evzones. Along with this, a woolen vest, called ‘Fermeli’. Fermeli is embroidered and fabric panels hang at the back. This Fermeli can be blue, maroon or black in color.


This is a Greek National Costume worn by most males residing in Greece and in areas nearby. It consists of a white undergarment particularly named Panavaki, a white colored shirt along with a pair of loose and baggy trousers, natively called Karamani. Apart from these, an optional sleeveless waistcoat is worn, called Koumbori. Also worn with this is an outer jacket named as Zaka by the natives. Lastly, there is a cap, called Megalo Fesi, to be worn with this costume. The cap is decorated with tassels, which completes the costume, Vraka. This is the true national costume of Greece but also worn by people nearby such as, by those living in the Aegean Islands.


This is also one of the national costumes of the Greek people. A Karagouna is not gender dependent. This comprises of an undergarment mainly white colored. On top of this is a woolen coat decorated with detailed embroidery to the hemline and on the edges of the sleeves of the coat. Above this comes something called Savias, a sleeveless white coat. And then, there is a waistcoat made of red wool. There are also some optional garments and props that can be worn with a Karagouna. There is armband made of several colors and black prominent edgings. For women, there is a special apron made of red felt velvet and embroidered with golden lacings. Lastly, A Karagouna for women features a highly detailed headscarf with premium embroidery. This scarf is wrapped around the head and also decorated with expensive looking golden coins.

So these were the main three national costumes of the Greek.

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