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DIY – Ironman Costume


Ironman Costume: There is absolutely no doubt about the fact the Iron Man is the most popular, modern, technophile and handsome superhero character ever made. Even the combination of the colors of his costume supports this fact. Red and golden, both stand for luxury.

Halloween is only a few days from now; how about dressing up as Iron Man this time? Near Halloween eve, there are so many people that already rent costumes. So there is no less left for you to choose from. Another option is buying a costume for good, but this is often not a good idea, as you probably intend to wear it only one time. So, why not trying to make your costume at home, all by yourself? I will tell you how to make an Iron Man costume, on your own, at home. You can use cloth as a building material but I would suggest something rigid, such as cardboard, as the main building component.

First, surf the internet and download an Iron Man suit sketch. Apply the ‘divide and conquer’ technique. Arrange loads of cardboard. Now start cutting out the Iron Man suit parts. Now paint the parts with golden and red oil-based paints. Let them dry and then fit the respective parts together like legs, arms, and chest etc.

For the head mask part; if you are willing to give some extra dedication, you can ask your dad to weld a similar mask for you. If not, you can cut it out of cardboard just like the rest of the costume. Make the face part movable so that you do not feel completely uncomfortable and restricted while wearing it.

And now for the interesting part; do you remember the glowing parts of Iron Man suit from the movie, like the eyes, palm thrusters, foot thrusters and the arc reactor? Buy some white LEDs and try simulating those parts. For the arc reactor, make an enclosure from any suitable material and then fit LEDs inside. This will make you, with your costume, stand out of the party crowd. Also, try and find some lights strings and line the golden body armor part with those glowing strings, to score extra praise.

If you have watched the movie, you will know that there are many other versions of the Iron Man suit. You can make those, too, if you like too. But, the classic Red and Golden one is, of course, the most popular one.

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