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How to Cosplay a Monster High Character

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I bet you have heard about ‘Monster High’.  also feel that you would love to dress like one of the freaky, scary and amazing monster characters featured in Monster High. In this article, I have taught how to dress up like some of your favorite Monster High Characters.



Draculaura is the daughter of Dracula, in Monster High, who has a very cute personality. She is likely to develop crushes very often. You can get her attitude by acting all nicely and sweetly. She can be the first to greet anyone who passes by you, with a smile.

The personality of Draculaura is an inspiration from Japanese Gothic style. Black and pink are the signature colors of her most outfits. If you wear a black skirt over pink leggings and a pinkish t-shirt as a top, you can successfully impersonate her. Also, wear a pink belt with those skirts

Her hair is also pink and black. She has pink streaking on black hair. To get this type of hair, you do not necessarily need to get your hair get dyed pink; you can use pink hair clippings or temporary pink hair color. Have a pony tail hair-do.

Draculaura’s complexion is very fair and her skin is flawlessly clear. Use makeup base and white powder to match with her skin type. Now, put up some pink colored eyeshade. Lastly, use some blush-on too.


Frankie Stein:

Frankie is another polite, sweet and friendly fellow like Draculaura. Frankie is a newcomer and she loves trying out new things and taking part in new school activities. Be like Frankie by being sweet and kind to everyone and cheering up the sad ones around.

She is mostly seen wearing plaid skirts. It is easy to dress up like Frankie; just wear a cool plaid skirt along with a female polo shirt. Frankie wears lots and lots of jewelry, so do not forget to wear loads of jewelry. Another look at her features a black and white dress with a pink jacket and silver jewelry. Her beach look is a black and yellow swimsuit along with a plaid wrap.She also has black hair but silver streaks. So, you can buy cheap silver hair clippings and use them instead or permanently paint your hair silver.

As Frankie is from the Frankenstein family, she has a pale green skin.  Use some green face paint and contrasting red lipstick for your lips.


Clawdeen Wolf:

Clawdeen has a considerably strong and emphatic personality. She is dramatic, energetic and very fierce. Have a killer style. Do not tolerate any negative comments about you. Be steadfast against any offenders. This is the attitude of the Clawdeen Wolf.

She is a diva who not only keeps up with the latest trend but defines it. You can wear brightly colored clothes and skirts. For having her basic look, a purple colored skirt and any colorful t-shirt with a contrasting bright jacket will be perfect. For her retro look, wear bright military pattern top and bright green skinny jeans. Clawdeen’s beach look can be a neon pink, yellow, green, blue or any other brightly colored one-piece swimsuit.

Her hair-do is two braids, wavy brown in color . The hair is like when you just wake up from your sleep. So you can do the same; put your brown (or artificially brown colored) hair in two braids and sleep. Next morning, you will have her hairstyle.

Her makeup is as brief as some gold eyeshade, a little blush-on, and some light-toned glossy lipstick.


Cleo de Nile:

Cleo is kind of mean and harsh. In other words, she is a spoiled monster, but she still has a big heart. You can act mean, but do not mean it. Do not hurt anyone for real. You can boast off qualities of a leader.

She is truly an Egyptian queen. Egyptians use tons of gold. So you can use a lot of gold jewelry. Wear skinny tight clothes. Her basic look can be a glittery blue dress with brown tights and perhaps a huge gold necklace with jewels embedded on it. For a beach look, just imagine the famous Cleopatra in a swimsuit. It can be a swimsuit having an animal pattern.

Cleo’s black-brown hair reflects a golden tint. You can have your hair colored like so. Plus, wear a shiny golden headband.

Gold, gold, gold! Make the eyeshade golden. Use a bit of purple too. You cannot forget the blush and lipstick or lip gloss. On her right cheek, she also has a distinguishing blue jewel.


Deuce Gordon:

Deuce Gordon is very cool. He is loyal and loving to his friends. Deuce dresses up like a normal skater guy. You do not need to have your hair altered much.


 Jackson Jekyll:

Jackson Jekyll is the nerd of the monster high group. As he has a nerdy impact, he would wear a dress shirt with standard jeans.


Holt Hyde:

Holt Hyde, on the other hand, is the party guy of the group. This rocking monster would wear clothes with flashy and sparkling colors.



Clawd is a male from wolf family. He is also loyal to his friends. Plus, he is athletic too. Wear athletic clothes.


Spectra Vondergeist:

Spectra Vondergeist is a gossip girl monster. Spreading rumors is her hobby. Create a fake monster personality with a fake name and spread rumors on behalf of that fake person. Take care so that no one ever finds out who the real gossip girl is. Spectra also has traits like that of a spy or a detective.

All that Spectra wears is silk, and nothing else. White silk would also give a possessed look. Other colors, Spectra is seen wearing, are dark purple and black.

Her hair reflects dark purple and light purple highlights as well as is layered and has extra volume.

Have light blue eyeshade on eyelids and dark purple shade around the rest of your eyes. Make your lips purple too. Dark purple stands for Spectra, you know.


Abbey Bominable:

Abbey Bominable is respectable, confident and steadfast. She never supports flirting.

She came from Northside; wear tropical dresses in summer and furry clothes in the winter season.

Abbey is a blonde with a fair and clear skin but with pink and blue tints. She also likes wearing crafted headbands. You can use makeup bases of lighter tones. Eyeshade colors that you can use while impersonating Abbey Bominable are light pink, light blue and dark blue. Use lip gloss over red lipstick.



Operetta is a music lover. Her favorite genres are opera and country. She regards her friends a lot.

An Operetta girl can wear polo shirts, blouses or layer shirts on top and Capri trousers or Bermuda short with them. Remember to reflect a musical from your clothes.

The music lover, Operetta, has red hair. She is a kind of a brunette.

Yellow eyeshades and ruby red lip color would do the trick.


Ghoulia Yelps:

Ghoulia Yelps is the smartest monster around. At times, she even outsmarts her teachers at Monster High. She also likes staying quiet most of the times. . Wear a heavy black pair of boots and jean .Ghoulia’s hair gives off bluish tints. You can buy temporary hair colors; they are washable.

She wears brown or peach eyeshades that blend with the skin color. Also, outlines her eyes with thick dark mascara. Redden those lips.


Venus McFlytrap:

Venus is a nature lover. She is very keen in convincing others about the value of the earth we live in.  Also , likes to enjoy nature in the form of hiking and camping etc.

Venus’s clothes are mostly pink and green. Pink is for her gender and green is a gesture that she loves the earth.

Even her hair is a combination of green and pink tints. Use similarly colored hair extensions. Do not put yourself through the hassle of dying your hair with permanent colors.

Her eyeshade is also a dedication to the motherland. Green eyeshade and natural pink lip color is her makeup.


Robecca Steam:

Although Robecca Steam is a daring kind of personality, yet she is still very much caring and loving. She also often arrives late at events. If you go to school late, for sake of impersonating Robecca, you might get in serious trouble. So you can only imitate her trait of being a daredevil. Try different stunts, staying within measures of safety.

Robecca’s setup is hard rock punk type. She likes wearing colors similar to that of copper. Other than those, she is seen in blue tank tops, dark colored jackets, and black skirts and high heeled shoes.

She is not so much fond of makeup. However, you can try to put on shades that match her clothing, like copper, blue and caramel etc.

Robecca Steam’s hair is black and curly. Her hair has bluish tint too. Do not be afraid of making use of hair clippings; they are inexpensive and still look realistic.

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