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Dressing Up Like Frozen Elsa

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Let’s consider dressing up like Frozen Elsa. No one is saying that one Frozen queen is better than the other, but most bets will go towards Elsa being the more beautiful and alluring of the two. After all, her wardrobe is consistent and allows her to stand out in a sea of costumes, many of which are inspired by pop stars and not queens. Let’s consider dressing up like Frozen Elsa.

For the little girl in your life who wishes to look nothing less than her glorious best, here are the six essential items for dressing up just like Elsa. This costume is Halloween gold as it is instantly recognizable. All the things you need are cute, demure and recognizable all while being totally age appropriate. Of course, the costume does not just have to be for little queens, as big girls can certainly take note of the below items and tailor a costume look that is just right for them as well.

1. The Pale Blue Dress

Elsa’s focal point is her shimmery, glittering blue dress. If you have trouble finding one that is sparkly, go ahead and get a solid blue dress. All you need to do is sprinkle it with glitter glue and let it dry.

2. Body Glitter Makeup

To create the same sparkly effect as Elsa does to her sleeves, just spray body glitter makeup all over your bare arms. This particular body glitter sprays on as an aerosol so your hands stay clean. Perfect for grabbing at those first few trick or treat candy pieces.

3. A Fluttery, Sparkly Blue Cape

This is the essential queen accessory. It is elegant and regal without the muss or fusses a crown causes. You do not have to worry about crown combs digging into your scalp and you will love all the swishing around that you can do while you dance to Thriller or Monster Mash.

Affix the cape to the back of your dress using several safety pins. If you cannot find a suitable cape, look for bolts of fabric in the blue shade of your choice at fabric and craft shops. You can pay by the yard for the amount of fabric you need.

4. A Blonde Braid

If you have blond hair, you can simply braid it to one side, and pull up tufts of your bangs at either side of your head and spray them. If you don’t have blond hair or your hair is short, opt for a long blond wig.
Some Elsa-inspired braid-wigs are available online at places like Etsy, and they are all affordable.

5. Snowflake Clips

As Elsa, you are in a kingdom of isolation, so you’re bound to end up with a few snowflakes in your hair. Stagger small snowflake clips throughout your braid to get a look that will make the queen herself jealous. You can repurpose these hair clips and wear them all during the winter to make ice skating outings or holiday parties a lot more fun.

6. Frosted Eye Makeup

Elsa loves wearing makeup in an array of frosted hues. Choose lilac frosted eyeshadow to offset all the blue you will be wearing, or that your little queen will be wearing. Add a touch of rosy lipstick and you are ready to hit the kingdom aka your neighborhood to trick or treat like a real, live Elsa. Be sure to skip bronzing your cheeks, as you want to have a fresh, rosy complexion to be like Elsa.

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