DIY – Yuna Character

DIY - Yuna Character

Yuna is a fictional character from the extremely popular media franchise, ‘Final Fantasy’, which include Role Playing Video Games and also anime. Yuna is a female protagonist and perhaps the main character among other protagonists featured in the Final Fantasy. She possesses powerful magical powers with the help of which she can summon entities for defense and offense. She also bears unique healing abilities through magic. Moreover, she is extremely cute and sexy, and popular too. So, keeping in view the fact that she is popular as well as a sexy character, what concerns us is that she could make a very good adult, sexy costume for cosplays. Here is DIY – Yuna Character

You will be required to buy a skin colored Kimono (a traditional dress worn by Japanese females having long and wide sleeves), with a purple pleated skirt. You can embroider the purple skirt, yourself, with flowery motifs. Originally, the flowery motifs are made from the white thread but you can try other light colors. A classic kimono also comes with a garment called Obi (a broadband tied around the waist). This band is suggested to be as colorful as it can get. For the feet, simple black rain boots will do the trick. Yuna’s hair I wavy, brown and short, cut at shoulder’s length. If you don’t have similar hair, buy a suitable wig.

Yuna hold’s her signature scepter. You can build the scepter at home very easily. Just download a detailed sketch of the scepter from the internet, take a wooden pole, glaze papers and some sticky tape, and get creative. Moderate, yet detailed, makeup is also highly recommended. Yuna is also seen wearing chandelier type, blue earrings only on one ear; see if you can get those too. Yuna’s eye colors different from each eye; left eye is blue and right eye is green. Lastly, Yuna often wears a silver pendant too.

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