How To Make African Tribal Costumes

African Tribal Costumes

How To Make African Tribal Costumes

The country of Africa is the home of countless tribes. And every tribe have something different in the style of their costumes. One would need to do an in-depth research to find out the specifics of their costumes, online or in the library. One of the most famous tribes in Africa is the Zulu tribe. This is a huge gathering in the South of that country. The visitors of this gathering wear a highly customized dress that is made of beads and animal skin. Now even though there are countless ways to make African tribal costumes, here is the most simple way to do it –

Some Guidelines

1 – First is to wear your casual shirts/t-shirts. Generally speaking, most people usually wear few more garments with these. And if you want to dress according to the season, you can choose different types of t-shirts as per your choice.

2 – Wearing animal skin is the specialty of this tribe. You will need a loincloth that should be made of any animal skin, preferably cowhide. If you want, you can use suede or you can use fabric that is printed with that. Now cut two 8×12 inch rectangle pieces off that fabric, and wear each of them on the back and the front. Just make sure that the loincloth is painted with care to give yourself a more immersed look.

3 – The skirt too should be of animal skin, and if you want, you can still use fake suede to avoid the uncomfortable rubbing of animal skin on your body. Making the skirt is simple, all you have to do is wrap it around your waist, and tie it up. That’s pretty much it.

Accessories are essential

4 – Wearing jewelry might not be an appropriate decision because the animal skin is what should be used for everything you wear. So to wear something around your neck, you can use a fabric that is painted as an animal skin, preferably like a panther skin, because of this suites both, men and women. Latch it around your neck, and you are done with the jewelry that perfectly suits this kind of costume.

5 – But just wearing a latch around your neck doesn’t complete our jewelry part. You should be wearing something more to be more immersed. Something should be there on your legs, arms, and calfs. You can make some strings of wooden dots and pieces that are shaded with different colors. Or if you want, you can use that fake suede and wear it around your neck, calf, and legs.

6 – Zulu warriors are known to convey something with their dress code. So to look like one of them, you can make use of some cardboard and paint it with acrylic specialty paint. You will have to look up on the internet for some tribal designs to paint on that cardboard.

7 – Crowns should be something that you should not forget to include in your costume. These crowns are mostly beaded by making use of calfskin. Men could use male hoods.

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