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Vaudeville Dancer Costume

Vaudeville Dancer Costume

Vaudeville Dancer Costume
Tasteful enticement is the first thing that comes to our minds when we think about Vaudeville. It is because not only they create extraordinary costumes, they make it look enticing. Their costumes have been used by many motion pictures creators, such as Dita Von Teese, Mouline Rouge, and others. This has helped them to gain some fame and popularity.

Guidelines –
1. Most Vaudeville outfits are created with a more focus towards the girdles. These girdles come in different varieties, such as trim, bows, etc.along with different shades as you require. Besides that, you will need to have a bodice around your top, and the girdles will provide the additional support that it needs. This, in turn, will make your waist look more structured and enticing.

2. Most of the dance lovers prefer to use Vaudeville, and that most of them wear skirts. Adding one will give you an unimaginable look. In skirts too, there are different varieties, such as the layered skirt, and the unsettle skirt, which is just like short. If you want to go mainstream, then you can have a skirt which has a clamor in the back that will make it short in the front. Or if you want, you can just choose a short, aka, a miniskirt.

Leggings are important so that you don’t uncover anything. Another important thing is that you should match your leggings with your bodice and skirt to have a better look. You can either choose a transparent legging, standard dark, ribbon, or fishnet leggings. Make sure that you pull on leggings that are thigh-high that has a cinch.

3. Heels are always attractive. And the higher your heels are, the more attractive you look. Even though most of the time, the stiletto pumps can do the charm, but if you are not feeling to wear them, you can choose to have heeled boots or simply peep-toe heels to maintain that charm.

4. If you want to revive the past Vaudeville specialists, you can choose to wear your hair down, and have detached waves. Or you can have silk gloves, and a few quills to make yourself look perfect.

5. Using cosmetics is important because you don’t want to have that shiny skin. But if you want to pull a Vaudeville look, then will prove to be heavier than your regular evening look. This includes false eyelashes, glittery eyeshadow, a light and dim red lipstick, and obscured eyebrows to complete it. This will end up being the prettiest look you have ever pulled.

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