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Top 10 Best Halloween Costume 2015

Top 10 Best Halloween Costume 2015

Looking for that perfect Halloween costume? Trends change a little from one year to the next, and the most popular and well-received costumes this year seem to be following a common theme! This year, it’s all about heroes and villains, ranging from comic book characters to Disney characters and beyond.

10. Harley Quinn

This Batman villain has been popular for years, and this year’s costumes are no exception. Vibrant colors and various fabrics offer options for all comfort zones ranging from full jester outfits to sassy skirted costumes. You simply can’t go wrong with a tried and true character costume like this. For group ideas, consider other Batman characters like Catwoman, Poison Ivy, or Joker.

9. Baymax (Big Hero 6)

As a new character, this is a totally fresh idea. The costume features an inflatable suit with a built-in fan that allows the wearer to stay comfortable. Prepare for a lot of hugs if you opt for this one! If you’re going out with a child, this can be an excellent pair costume. Have them dress up as Hiro, the main character from the movie.

8. Batman/Batgirl

What’s a villain without a hero? Batman has been popular for generations, and the costumes come in a wide range of styles. This year, the most popular styles range from the classic black and yellow to the solid black costume made popular by the Dark Knight movies. Beware, though! If you choose to go out dressed as this classic hero, you may find many an adult and child duplicating your look.

7. Catwoman

Equally as classic as her foil, Catwoman has been popular for years. This costume is sultry and sexy, and this year’s version is based on Anne Hathaway’s portrayal of the character in The Dark Knight Rises. Catwoman and Batman make an excellent pair if you are in the market for couple or group costumes.

6. Maleficent

Disney villains have been making a comeback this year, being featured in everything from books to television shows to movies on the big screen. There are a few versions of this character costume ranging from the mostly black version mimicking Angelina Jolie’s movie costume to the purple and gold version inspired by Disney’s new movie centering around the children of well known storybook villains. Either way, the costume is sure to be memorable.

5. Darth Vader

Available in both male and female costumes, this character is extremely popular this year. The costume features a full face mask and cape, but the details vary by gender. It seems the Star Wars craze is enjoying quite the revival in 2015, and this costume lends itself to that trend. It also makes for a great part of a group costume. Others can dress as stormtroopers or any other popular character from the franchise.

4. Minion

These lovable yellow creatures have become increasingly more popular since they were introduced. This year, they have already become one of the best selling Halloween costumes out there. Options range from unisex hooded pantsuits to adorable skirted varieties. This is even a costume that can be achieved at home if you’d prefer to go the DIY route. You certainly can’t go wrong with any of these options. Group costumes are easy; you can never have too many minions in a group.

3. Flapper/Bootlegger

Classics are classics for a reason. Since the release of the recent remake of The Great Gatsby, the fashion of the roaring 20’s has made quite a splash, even in everyday wear. Why not extend that trend into a costume you know will be a raging success? Fringe and beading catch both light and movement and make for a fun and flattering costume. Pinstriped suits are a staple for the male counterpart to this. Throw in a few accessories and you’ll be sure to take best dressed at any party.

2. ZombieDue

to the popularity of zombie related television shows, movies, and books, this costume is sure to be top-ranked this year. Part of the beauty of a costume like this is the wide range of options. Zombies, after all, tend to look like people and wear very human clothes. They’re just a bit… undead. Other than looking disheveled, the key to the perfect zombie costume is makeup and accessories. This is another excellent DIY option and a great option for groups. After all, it’s easy to believe the zombie infection is spreading.

1. Ninja Turtles

With the recent movie bringing this group of comic book characters back into the spotlight, this costume is expected to be exceptionally popular for all genders and age groups. While children have grown to love the newer versions of the turtles, this comic and the corresponding cartoon and movies were popular when today’s adults were children. There are many variations on this costume, including everything from the expected plush variety to tutus, dresses, skirts, and boots for the ladies. Expect to see these well-loved characters out and about at every occasion this year.

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