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Theme Party Costumes

Theme Party Costumes

Themed parties are common now, and the themes provided can sometimes spin your head around and can put you in a very confusing situation. So now let’s stop getting confused and try some really cool theme party costumes.

Pirate of Caribbean theme party costumes

Are you invited to a theme party costumes is about pirates and Caribbean? Are you confused about what should you wear because you think the characters are limited? Don’t worry because you have options more then you can imagine. You can be a pirate, a quartermaster, boatswain or even the captain’s main support, the first man. Do remember there are other characters except for the captain; you can be the cook or the musician. If you want to be the great man who created the pirate ship, then be the carpenter. Every character has its own importance.

Sometimes people like themes like fairy tales, and this theme has uncountable options, you can be the prince or the princess, the queen or the king even being the villain will have an interesting impression on you. Sometimes try being something other than the queen or king, try being the other characters like a friend of the princess or prince, a helper or even the cute animals in the fairytales. People usually go for the main characters but sometimes it’s better to be unique and different or else life will be full of boredom!!

Medieval Period Theme

We all have a great interest in history, and sometime its adventures to come up with a medieval theme and dress up like the people from the middle age. The cloths manufactured those days were made up of a very excellent garment and were very unique. Girls those days usually wore long gowns with beautiful jewelry and boys would look handsome wearing those coats along with armor and swords in their hand.  Every country has its own history and so different dressing styles. Choose a character you want to be, a king, queen, prince, princes or even the brave soldiers. The middle age people were interested in different types of art. You can even dress up like a gorgeous dancer or a musician even an artist. There are thousands of options and all you need is to choose one.

At times it’s seen that people often go for a particular color theme, for an example, peacock. A peacock has many colors like dark blue, purple or violet, green and even black. So you can wear one from any of the colors of a peacock or you can simply try wearing something that has designs of the feathers of the peacock in it, even wearing a black dress with peacock feather earnings will look mesmerizing.

Themes are decided so that people in a certain place can enjoy and have a certain environment. Don’t worry if by chance your dress gets a match with someone. Keep a different personality and you’ll be ruling, just be confident about your dress and style, cause sometimes wearing the best garments does not bring you closer to some friends then you own personality does.