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Samba Dancers Costume

Samba Dancers Costume

Many people might not know, but there are also two types of samba dancers. One is the Brazilian dancers, and the other is the Latin American sambas. Even though they shift together, the Brazilian one shifts alone. These Sambas have the most expanded costumes that include different types of shoes and clothing. Samba dancers costume makes the most impact on the audience who watches these dance moves.

The Brazilian Samba
The outfits of the Brazilian samba is uncovered from the legs, arms, shoulders and the middle. Most people will consider this costume as a swimsuit, but it is not. It has a big attractive headpiece that gains most of the attention and then makes the person focus on their dance moves. There are different types of headpieces that vary, like the plume headpiece, and others.

Also, there are different types of costumes, or swimsuits (this is what some of us might say). Such as, the long skirt along with a bra top, or a pair of samba jeans that goes with tie tops. Heels are always there in these costumes, but another choice of footwear is boots. Other things that they use to make themselves look more extravagant, are different types of neck pieces, boas, calf gems, arm blankets, and gloves.

The Latin American Ballroom Samba
Most might say that the Latin American Samba is the same as the Brazilian one, but there is a huge difference between both of them. For instance, the dance moves that the Latin American Sambas perform, are entirely different than what the Brazilian once performing. This alone can make a huge difference here.

Men almost always wear the same costume that consists of a top and pants. Females like to wear outfits that sync with the dance moves that they perform. This is the reason they make sure that the show schedules are in such a way that every dancer has enough energy to perform. While many dancers have mimicked what the Brazilian sambas wear, such as the swimsuit and the headpiece, while others have chosen something completely different. such as layered skirts and headbands. This type of costume was first worn by the dance specialist Carmen Miranda. The different types of shades, headpieces, dots, and edges are the most famous things that these dancers focus on.  This is what the audience too, focuses on.

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