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What to wear to a Theme Party

What to wear to a Theme Party

Parties are a never-ending trend in our lives. Many of us like to throw different kinds of parties quite frequently. Others wait until they are invited to parties by their relatives, office acquaintances, neighbors and friends. So What to wear to a Theme Party?
Parties often come with a theme. The themes suggest the guests wear respectively suitable and relating costumes and getups. One of the hardest things is to select between lots of choices. When wanting to throw an interesting party, one often gets confused when deciding a theme for the party. Moreover, even when one has been invited to a party with a certain theme, it is hard to choose what to wear in order to not feel having been left out of the party.

Deciding a Theme for your Party:

p such a theme, for the party you are about to throw out, which your guests won’t forget; then try what has already been tried several times and lessen the chances of a disaster.
The first thing that comes to the mind of whoever hears about a themed party is ‘Halloween’. Halloween theme for a party might seem a little too mainstream, but do not worry; it is a mainstream theme, yet everyone still regards it even if it is not the eve of Halloween. So, a Halloween theme can be the answer. What you need to understand is that the eve of Halloween is not the only day of the year when you can get a little wild, extreme and creepy. You can have another Halloween party for the rest of the year’s days too.
But this scary theme is not the only choice available, there is more. There can be a disco party. If you feel that a lot of your people in your guests’ list appreciate music, you can throw a disco party. A disco party can be indoors as well as outdoors. Then, there can be a 70s Party, where you and your guests travel back in time, party hard and then come back. To travel into the era of the 70s, set up the decorations of the party venue as if it were way back during 70s, put up 70s classic music, garnish food the old fashioned way and lastly, dress up like those in the 70s.

Party themes for children:

Kids love partying too. Well, we have plans for them too. A children’s party can feature a costume theme of cartoons and comic characters. The food can be tasty and sugary snacks.
Are you a little girl? We have special theme suggestions for you. There is ‘Wizard of Oz’; kids love them, especially girls. Little girls love being dressed up as clever witches and imagining themselves flying in a world of magic and charms. The party host is recommended to wear those ruby slippers. Then there is that movie ‘Tangled’, if you are the party host, you can tie up a really really really long wig of golden hair. Like Rapunzel, there are several characters from the Disney world. Remember Little Mermaid? You can find her costume at your local costume store and dress up like her. Or, you can find a costume of the princess from ‘Princess and the Frog. Then there is Snow White, Cinderella and the Beauty from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ too. You can also show some royalty by dressing up as Jasmine.
As for little boys, there are several themes. Dress your little boy as one of the toys from ‘Toy Story’. There are billions of products and costumes inspired by the game, ‘Angry Birds’. Dress up each sibling as a different Angry Bird. If one of your siblings is healthy, dress him/her up as that blackbird.

Party themes for teenage girls:

You are right; the aforementioned party themes are a bit too childish for teenage girls. Nothing to worry about, we have plans for you too. Let’s admit one thing first; girls get more and more choosy as they grow up. Luckily, however, there are certain things they just cannot stop loving; that is, popular boys. Many hate Justin Beiber but most teenage girls are still crazy after him. Plus, there is no scarcity of Justin Beiber products online. You can dedicate the theme of your party to him. All you need is a bit of creativity. The novel and the movie ‘Hunger Games’ has also gained a lot of popularity these days. If you remember from the movie, there were a lot of characters with unique costumes; you can dress up as any of them and also ask your guests to be dressed in the similar way.

Party themes for teenage boys:

Let us not forget teenage boys. It is like a law that teenage boys are fond of video games. You can decorate your party venue according to one of your favorite games. Props, products, and costumes for a vast number of games are widely available at your nearest local costume store. The games from which you can follow themes can be Call of Duty, Devil May Cry, Ghost Rider, Assassin’s Creed, Hitman, Prince of Persia, Final Fantasy or God Of War.

Party themes for adults:

Now that we have covered children and teenagers, adults should also not be left out. Adults also need some time off from their hefty and tiring routine. Just because adults are adults, does not mean that cannot act silly, crazy and high and cannot have fun. In fact, they deserve even more coloring into their already grayed out lives. To let out most of the stress, an adult party theme should be sexy. Try out sexy themes and sexy costumes. A ‘Hollywood’ would do great. The guests can dress up as and impersonate their favorite Hollywood celebrity. Enjoy snacks and booze. Masquerade party theme is also very much popular in adult parties. A masquerade theme convinces the guests to dance all night. Guests can use disguises so that they can easily get acquainted with each other. This will create a much more comfortable and open environment during the party. The host should introduce adult games too.

Theme ideas for college parties:

College parties are fun just as much boring the college lectures are. You can ask any college student about how much college parties can be. College parties are good in the sense that they are a source for the relief of college students after all that difficult study routine.
70s era party theme is very popular among college students. As told before, set up the decorations of the party venue as if it were way back during the 70s, put up 70s classic music, garnish food the old fashioned way and dress up like celebrities in the 70s. You can arrange a concert in a college party. College party gathering is very vast. So, it is easy to arrange for the funds in order to arrange for a singer for the concert. You can arrange an Animal House party, where there is a movie put up during the party. Guests can be requested to dress up as characters from the selected movie. Another party type is Sports theme party. In a sports theme, the students are recommended to dress up as athletes and sports player. Actual college sports society members should wear their own sports uniforms. A sports theme for college parties is very much successful if the guests are mainly male students.

Movie party theme:

A Movie theme for a party is sure to entertain the party guests. Take a popular and hit movie and decorate the party venue in accordance with that movie. The ‘Avatar’ movie was a blockbuster. All of you guys can impersonate the Avatar and the venue can resemble the magical land where the avatars used to reside. ‘Godfather’ franchise of movies has been so much popular that it is ranked in the top ten best movies ever. The costumes can be mafia type. The venue can be decorated in a way that resembles the 19th century. Or it can be set up in a way so that the environment looks like that in a royal casino. ‘Grease’ was a classic movie. There is rivalry; there is dancing and there is even a love story, that is of Danny and Sandy. Other than these, there is a vast list of many more movies whose plot can be used as a movie party theme. You have Charlie Chaplin, Terminator, Rambo, Sweeney Todd, Star Wars and Gangster Squad and so on. You can implement themes of animated movies like Cloudy with a Chance of Meat Balls, The Smurfs, Hotel Transylvania, Spiderman, and Frankenweenie etc.

Masquerade Party theme:

A masquerade party theme is popular in the sense that it creates a very much comfortable environment for the guests to interact with each other even if they do not know each other already. Everyone can put on masquerade masks and allow any other guest to have a session of dance with them.

Holiday Party theme:

Holidays are one of the primary reasons one plans to throw a party. Most of us think that we can have a party only at specials eve like on Halloween. But, this is not at all true. We can have parties during any kind of holidays just as easily as during Halloween.
Did you know that you can have parties on the eve of Christmas too? It is a pity if you had not known before today. Christmas means pure fun and fun is the middle name of parties. Do not forget to invite a cheery Santa Claus, in your party, too.
New Year’s Eve is another good opportunity when you can put up an amazing party. The first day of a new year calls for celebration and merrymaking. Make the party colorful with nice decoration.

Valentine’s parties are not restricted to teenagers only; adults can enjoy the perk of Valentine’s Day just as much. All you need is decoration like valentine’s eve. Valentine’s eve is an eve full of romance. Enjoy booze, romantic music, a grand dinner, and dance to add extra touches to your party.

On Independence Day, throw up a cool party and dedicate the gathering to your beloved country. The color theme for the venue decorations should be the colors of our national flag. Time to time, air the anthem of our precious nation.

Easter is already a colorful and an interesting festival. Small children like hiding and finding hidden Easter eggs. Meanwhile, the adults can enjoy in the form of a nicely arranged party. Add a twist to your Easter eve party by featuring hidden Easter eggs throughout the party venue.

A Thanksgiving party is also not something to feel strange about. A Thanksgiving party is perfectly normal. Just remember to arrange a great family dinner by the end of the party.
Halloween just cannot be left out. is it Halloween and still no sign of any party? That is not possible. Halloween is one of the most popular eves for themed parties, be it a spooky theme, a theme featuring a fantasy land or a comical theme. Let’s say that you love magic; you can revolve the theme of your Halloween party around something magical. It can be Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, The Smurfs or any other similar story. A harry potter theme would be very successful. You can decorate your venue such that it resembles the school of magic, Hogwarts. You should not overlook the importance of a Halloween pumpkin while decorating your house for a

Halloween party;it is just too much rude if you do. Your Halloween party theme can be about comic or cartoon superheroes. Just dress up as your favorite superhero. Use props with your superhero costume too. However, Halloween usually means something scary. So you can dress up as a vampire, a witch, the killer ‘Smiley’, Jason Voorhees or the very famous Freddy Krueger. Lastly, do not forget to have tons of fun in your party.

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