Superhero Halloween Ideas for Women

Superhero Halloween Ideas

On Halloween, if you women want to show off your body, nothing can work better than to wear a sexy adult woman superhero costume. Your curvy hourglass figure will be very prominent if you wear a skinny and tight female superhero costume on Halloween. Women Superhero Halloween Ideas costume is also considerably easy to make or cheap to buy. Want to make your costume even sexier? Just learn this proportion: the lesser the cloth, the more the exposed body, the sexier you look. It is as easy as that. If you invited to a party as a couple, you are lucky; because you can try the couple superhero costumes with your partner and stand out in the party. Couple superhero costumes like superman and superwoman, Batman and Catwoman, Spiderman and Spiderwoman, Romeo and Juliet, Hans Solo and Princess Leah from the movie Star Wars, Queen Amidala and Anakin Skywalker, Mickie and Minie, a couple of Doctor and Nurse, a pirate couple or maybe even a vampire couple. And my personal favorite is the Angel and demon couple. It is elegant, sexy and versatile. These cool superhero couple costume ideas will work like a charm in making you and your partner that lad and the lass of the evening.

Ever heard of the female superhero character, ‘wonder woman’? I will guide you how to make your own wonder woman Halloween costume. Get a red colored bathing suit; it must be strapless. To go with this bathing suit, get one pair of blue colored skinny shorts. Take some gold paint and draw golden wings on the chest part of the bathing suit; let it dry completely. Stick suitable logos and ornamental fabric piece to the blue shorts with the help of a hot iron. Take any belt and wrap some golden fabric around it nicely. Make a golden buckle too. Also, take some wristbands and wrap them in the same golden fabric that you used for the belt. You can make the head mask part from a cardboard box or you can buy it from the local costume store. Take high heeled red colored boots and stick white cloth strips to it. Apply the final touch by stitching a golden string with the belt buckle. Try to use a Wonder Woman costume if you are expecting other party guests to use superhero costumes like Superman, Batman, Hulk, Catwoman, and Spiderman etc.

Interested in impersonating ‘Supergirl’? Take a bright red mini skirt, a pair of blue skinny pants and also a big, yellow belt that can be worn with the blue leotard. Buy or find a bright red colored cloak; it should be long enough so that it touches your knees. Now, take a tall pair of red boot and fit yellow strips to it. Supergirl has long and straight blonde hair. If you have a different kind of hair, you will have to buy a similar type of wig. Draw the popular ‘S’ within a diamond on a cardboard piece and then carefully cut it out with a precision cutter blade. Now, paint it in the correct colors. Now, take a hot glue gun and paste this logo on to the leotard. Take great precautions while handling the hot glue gun; remember to keep children well away. Your Supergirl costume is ready. In the same way, you can make a Superman costume for your partner to complement with your Supergirl Halloween costume.

‘Batgirl’ costume is it? You will need a skinny, pitch black top and a mini skirt of the same black color. Also, arrange a golden belt to would go with the miniskirt. Draw a bat logo on cardboard and cut it out carefully. Now paste it in the frontal middle of the blacktop. Lastly, wear high heeled, black coat-shoes with it. If you think you that your costume can appreciate any kind of props, feel free to use a suitable prop. Note that you can also replace the black color of your costume with dark purple. Make a Batman costume by following the similar procedure for your partner too.

Want to be inclined to the evil side? You can try being ‘Catwoman’ instead of Batgirl. Catwoman is a famous villain featured in the Batman franchise. It is very easy to make a Catwoman Halloween costume. You might get the full costume in the form a glossy black swimsuit with a frontal zipper. Or, you can get it in parts as a shiny black jacket and a pair of skin-tight, black trousers. Charcoal black, high heels will go with it. To make the head mask, take a normal black mask and paste two triangular ears, which you can cut out from a piece of cardboard and paint it black. Use shiny red lipstick. You don’t really need to put a tail on your costume. However, you can use props like a whip. Act sexy and naughty throughout the party to make other guests realize that there is a villain in the house. Although a villain, Catwoman can be a couple of Batman.

Did you know there is a ‘Girl Robin’ character too? It can be a couple of Batman too. Arrange a red colored blouse that has a broad neckline and half sleeves. Next, you will need a green miniskirt and a yellow belt. To your costume, add a yellow cloak; it does not need to be long enough. No mask is needed for Girl Robin. However, do not forget to put on a pair of green gloves. Cut a circle out if a black cloth; now draw an ‘R’ in the middle and then fill yellow color in it. Once the paint is dried, paste this emblem onto your blouse with the help of hot glue gun. I repeat; be careful when working with the hot glue gun. That is about it.

Feel free to follow the aforementioned tips and try making any female superhero costume. Thus, you will stand in the limelight and successfully become the lass of the evening.

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