Do it yourself Wolverine Costume

Wolverine Costume


Wolverine is a fictional character created and illustrated by Marvel Comics. Wolverine is a mutant who is gifted with keen beastly senses, extra physical strength and the ability of self-healing, allowing him to live longer than the average lifespan of a typical human being. He was, later, a part of X-Men. Wolverine, during his prolonged presence in Marvel Comics, has acquired many variations in his costumes. During the beginning, his costume was a bright yellow tight-fitting costume with black tiger-like stripes all over, including blue rigid edges at places. He stood like so for the most of his time in past. But just as he joined X-Men, his cartoon-like costume was ditched. Now he is depicted as a normal human being in jeans and a jacket, but with a rather large beard to depict his beast-like traits when he is in action. This article guides people who wish to dress like the later appearance of Wolverine, for a cosplay or a themed event with a Do it yourself Wolverine Costume

Facial Hair:

I have put this heading at the beginning for a reason. This is what you have to do a few weeks earlier than you expect to dress like Wolverine. As you can understand the name, Wolverine ought to do something with the traits of a wolf. Wolves are hairy and furry. So, you are an instruction to stop shaving off your stubble a few weeks earlier. Download a sketch of Wolverine’s face and have a look at the beard. Go to your local barber and ask him to trim the beard, grown in weeks, like that of the wolverine. Do the same with the hair. Remember to go to the barber only a day or two before the cosplay event.

Dress Up:

The typical apparel of modern wolverine is jeans, sleeveless shirt, and a jacket. The jeans should be any dark color and have the standard model of fitting. Creates rips on it, to give it a little worn off look as if you were recently in a deadly fight. The shirt is a simple sleeveless tank top; it can be white or black. The shirt deserves some rips and cuts too. The jacket is a heavy leather jacket (like that of classic bikers). The color of the jacket should be any dark color, preferably black or dark brown. Try if you can get the one with the orange or yellow as a secondary color.


The shoes are not much of a concern. But, it makes sense to wear such shoes that show a heavy duty build. In case it may concern you, Wolverine wears heavy black shoes with steel tips.


Wolverine bears a very important and signature props; it is his claws. Wolverine’s main weapon is his claws that emerge from in-between his fingers. As from the movie, it was as a result of a cruel experiment by normal human scientists on him. Sadly, these are not easy to make at home. So, you are recommended to buy these from your local toy or costume store. It is a common and popular prop, so it will not be much expensive or rare.

Get His Attitude: attitude is just as important as the getup. Wolverine is serious all the time and mostly a bit angry. His short temper is his signature mood.

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