Why is Japanese Anime character popular among teens

Japanese Anime character

Japanese Anime Character

Why is Japanese Anime Character popular among teens you may ask ?. Anime character is more famous among the teens because of specialty and unique characters. They are so powerful in their character that attracts the teen because in this age they are very emotional and live in their fantasy world. So that character attracts them as they saw themselves and fit in that character. Some teenagers become the fan of an anime character. The other reason why they are attracted toward them is most of the anime characters are related to the life of that kid, what he feels, what he does, and what he actually want to do, what obstacles come in his life and so on so they start relating their life to that movie and see himself as that anime character.

Most anime characters are famous for the teens because they love the character designed in a way. They are attracted toward their beautiful eyes, skin, nose and all other things especially the costume. Even more teen fond of these things buy the costume and think him as that character. Most Japanese characters are fun and the teen enjoy them a lot. The teens get a lot of information and a good lesson from them as most of the characters are designed to stop evil from doing bad deeds and same the teens also want them to do the same.

Every teen wants to be a hero of his life because this age is the most emotional and sensitive age which they think about the society and what is happening around, they want to stop that all. I will explain some characters that are famous among teens. In this age, most of the teens want to explore everything and study them from the dept.


Let’s take the example of Great Teacher Onizuka who was not able to teach any science subject but can give a good life lesson as from his bad experience in his life. All he was not able to get the college education if he had not cheated. But later on, he entered into a professional life and changed himself completely for the sake of a woman. He was given the charge of a class who tortured many teachers by their habits before. It was difficult for him but anyhow he handled them and got full control over them and he was considered one of the most interesting teachers in all of fiction or animated. He gave a life lesson that teachers can also be everyday heroes.

Is it seem not interesting for teens? Of course, it is!! As every teenager wants to be the hero. The other reason for liking this character is the nice costume. He became good from a bad person to a good one who is then admired by everyone. It shows that a bad character can be changed and has remained some good habits inside. This is a big motivational movement for those who have evil inside and they think they can’t get their beautiful life back!!

Edward Elric

The second character is Edward Elric who is very smart and wise.He looks very strict and serious having a kind and gold heart inside. He lost his arm and leg in a tragic accident which changed him a lot. He has a harsh lesson in life. He didn’t get much to know as he thought he did!! He has a multi-character of comic and sadness. The reason behind this was the tragedy happened to him. The lesson from this is very harsh and strict person must have a harsh tragedy behind. Hope you understand the reason why anime characters are more popular among teens.