Crazy about Cosplay ?

crazy about cosplay

Crazy about Cosplay ?

Are you one of the people crazy about cosplay. Do you like to embellish a character and be a cosplayer? If yes, then it’s time your thoughts to get their wings and come true!!Costume play is not performed in stages; it is not a traditional program or any cultural context. When you participate in a cosplay, you don’t represent a tradition or reflect any event rather you copy and be exactly a replica of a specific character you like.

Choose a character you like, is it anime? Or it is a comic book? Remember one thing that cosplays are said to be unequal to the Halloweens. Take some pictures of your favorite character and get some videos. Keep a heed that the fabric designs have many ranges from simple to the most highly detailed, choose whichever you think is easy for you.

Remember that all cosplayers need to manufacture their own fabrics, so choose wisely. Very interesting and popular characters can be the one from the Japanese comic. They are sexy and are extremely alluring. They are easy to copy and details are not that tough to copy. It is very important for you to keep in mind of copying every detail possible, starting from shoes, hairs, dresses, movements even the way they talk.

Preparation for Cosplay Event

When you decide to participate in a cosplay, as mentioned before every single detail is extremely important or else you might look completely fake, and this might create a joke out of you!

Start with the hairs, what type of hairs does the character has? Are they black or they are loud and colorful?  If you are not allowed to color your hair blue, purple or green, you can use the temporary air chalks found nowadays. And if you think you won’t be allowed for that too, you can try wearing wigs like most cosplayers do. Try wearing clips or other props the character is using to decorate their head; this will make you look like you are completely into the character.

Next comes the dress, try to wear exactly what the character is wearing. Don’t be heedless about my design or logo in the dress, even if there is a black small sport in the main characters costumes, apply that!! Yes, you cannot even miss a small dot. Wear gloves, belts if the character does, remember you are replicating someone, which means an exact copy.

Add Accessories

The Accessories are one of the most important stuff; check your character from head to toe. Is he or she carrying any types of fans, umbrella, swords, armor or even a single earring. Get some of the accessories and put it up with your costumes. Don’t forget to apply any type of tattoos or marks in your body if the character has any; if you are not allowed to do permanent tattoos you always have the temporary option such as temporary inks or even stickers.

Look at the shoes! You won’t find exactly the same shoes in some stores, so you can do is buy a pair and manufacture it yourself. This gives you a very creative look and you will be absolutely ready to rock and roll!!!!





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