Beauty pageant – national costumes of the world

national costumes

Beauty pageant – national costumes of the world:

National costumes segments are always amazing. It always represents eye-catching costumes but this year-2017 the segment was the best and amazing among all. It was wrapped up in Manila, Philippines. One of the reasons of why this segment was amazing from others is the unique and outstanding national costumes presented on the stage. The costume gave an amazing idea that represented something special related to country’s tradition . Supporting this sentence, I am going to mention few costumes from 2017 national costumes segments.

  • Kezia Roslyn Cikita Waraow:

While representing Indonesia she wore the costume that is from Hinduism traditions. The name of the bird is Garuda. The costume looks fancy pant and a shirt with many strips with wings. The golden color of the costume looks amazing. This pantsuit actually represents the strength and power of that bird.

  • Connie Maily:

Participant from Ecuador. She also represented a bird from her costume design. She came on the stage in the costume of a hummingbird that inspired everyone to wear the same costume. Everyone gave compliments to the design of costume because of the amazing contrast and design.

  • Marina Jacobi:

She represented Nicaragua with a unique and trending costume. She represented the peacock designed costume having multi colors with wings and feathers everywhere on the costume. The costume is also among the top trending costumes and one of the best national costumes.

  • Kiran Jassal:

Representing Malaysia . The Patronas Twins Towers in Kuala Lumpur costume looks perfectly amazing. The costume showed a key for attraction as a visiting point and people start wishing to visit the place that was shown from the design of the costume.

  • Sal Garcia:

Represented Dominican Republic and another one inspired by the bird. I am not saying this from my side but the costume represents that. This costume is a very nice with floral embellishments. The costume with amazing design looks hot and spicy.

  • Johann Acs:

Representing Germany. This costume is very different than all other national costumes as they were all birds’ designs. This costume will remind you of the castle form fairy tales. The costume is a white frock with a castle made as a head cover.

  • Le Hang:

Represented Vietnam. She looked fabulous with this brown national costume. The costume looks more fantastic with its matching brown boots and shinning tassels. Moreover, the lotus mode attached to the back differentiates this costume from other costumes.

  • Li Zheng Ying:

She represented China with her red nice animal costume. This is a panda designed costume that Li Zheng Ying wore with pride. She looked so confident in this national costume. The contrast of red and black is more prominent among all the costume.

  • Cheryl Chou:

21 years old, Singaporean, Cheryl Chou represented Singapore. The costume is more traditional with a lotus on the back. The multi-color looks very beautiful.

  • Maria Mika Maxine Medina:

She represented Philippine looked like a red goddess from her national costume. The costume is a brown gown with perfect crown type designed. The gown is full sleeved costume which covers full body.